Compare Fuel Cards

Shell CRT (Commercial Road Transport)

One of the most popular cards in our portfolio as it offers a very competitive price at over 400 of the 1,000+ stations in the UK.  All of which are easily recognisable by drivers and includes nearly 50% of motorway service sites. They are all HGV friendly locations.

Drivers or fleet managers need to be aware that some sites can carry a surcharge.



The Esso Card is widely accepted in the UK.

You can use this card at 1300 Esso forecourts and every one of BP and Shell's sites!

It also has a favourable pricing mechanism, with a bulk-related price at the Esso sites and the displayed pump price at BP and Shell sites with no surcharge applied.

However, if wide acceptance is not your top priority, but making the maximum possible saving is, then one of our other options may be more suitable.


Fleetmaxx Fleet Card

Perfect for businesses that wish to have an extensive selection of sites to choose from (over 3,000, including supermarkets and remote sites). The price is bulk-related, so there is also the potential for savings to be made as well!

Site recognition has been a perceived weakness in the past, but with easily downloaded site lists and sat nav technology, this has become far less of an issue.



Also known as Diesel Direct and the very first available fuel card.  It is a bulk-price related card, so there is the potential for excellent savings to be made.  It is also particularly popular with HGV operators as it also offers many forecourts with high canopies, high speed pumps, wide turning circles and driver facilities.

It also has had issues in the past with site recognition and nearly 100 sites plus the supermarkets carry a surcharge to the pence per litre cost.  Non-diesel products can carry a premium.


Texaco FastFuels

A particularly popular card with businesses that run ‘mixed’ fleets ie cars, vans and HGVs.  The Texaco stations are partnered with sites that also accept the UK Fuels truck card. This means that the Texaco sites, many of which are within towns and cities, are ideal for cars and vans and that the UK Fuels sites, many of which are on major roads, are ideal for HGVs.  The card is also popular as it is the only card that offers standard petrol at a bulk-related price as well as diesel (Texaco sites only).

Like some of the other options listed above, there used to be a perception that recognising the non-Texaco sites could create confusion for drivers, but as previously stated, sat navs and directory downloads have largely resolved that issue.


Fleetmaxx Truck Card

Ideal for price sensitive fleets and HGV fleets.  Nearly 3,000 sites across the UK at a bulk-related price and with nearly 200 of them with a further 0.50ppl discount.  Majority of sites are suitable for HGVs with high speed pumps, high canopies and extensive driver facilities and parking.

The main weakness is that supermarket sites, as well as some sites in remote areas, can attract a price surcharge.



The fuelGenie card is ideal for businesses that work locally or regionally.  It saves you time and money on your business fuel and is accepted at over 1,370 Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s forecourts.  You can manage your account easily with 24/7 access and HMRC approved reporting.  Drivers will be happy as they can use their loyalty cards and you can take advantage when the supermarkets run one of their regular ‘money off your fuel’ promotions.

If your business operates nationally, you may wish to consider one of our fuel cards that can save you significant amounts against pump price at motorway sites.  This can easily operate alongside your fuelGenie account