Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Fleetmaxx Solutions is a trading name of Oilfast Limited Group.
Our website address is:

We store your both personal and non-personal information for a range of reasons to allow us to
function as a business. All data collected in store and processed in line with the GDPR Data protection regulations brought into account on 25th May 2018 and is treated with respect and the highest level of security.

Below are the methods we use to collect your data and the reasons why we use these particular methods:

Contact Forms

We have a number of contact forms on our website which we use for our website users to get quotes, leave enquiries or contact us. By entering data into these forms and submitting, you are providing consent for us to process this data. The information in these forms will be sent securely by email to the relevant department to respond to.


Cookies are small pieces of information held about user actions on the website to improve the user experience. These are necessary and apply to all modern websites as functionality would be completely reduced without these. It is to allow the website to remember your preferences and statuses to save you time and hassle. The data held has no personal details attached and will all be linked to your IP.
We have listed the types of information cookies store for complete transparency:

Authentication: Cookies are stored to remind us of your login status and a range of other authentication purposes. If you leave our website and visit it again within a short period, you will still be logged in, to save you the hassle of logging in constantly.

Caching: They are also responsible for saving content from the website. As content doesn’t change very often on a website, your device will take some time on the first time accessing each page to load all the content and optimise it to your device settings. These are saved for faster loading on future visits.

Google Analytics: Google analytics use HTTP Cookies to track all behaviour on the website. This is non-personal data and all activity on the website is anonymously grouped together to

Configurations and Settings: Our website will save your settings such as device size, preferred language and similar data to optimise the user experience. This helps speed up the site, ensure it loads properly every time and is suitable for your viewing. If you have said no to a pop up message, the website will save this answer rather than asking you on every page load.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

We have embedded online application forms from a third party service, named signable. This is to provide a faster, simpler option to a hard copy form. By accessing this form, you are accessing the third party website and agreeing to their privacy policy. All data entered in the form is stored on third party servers which we have no control over. However we have performed checks and Signable are both GDPR compliant and have a fair privacy policy with highly secure servers. However, if you do not wish for your data to be passed to this third party then please contact us as these forms can be emailed or posted.

Account Login – Third Party

Our account login functionality is also run by a third party named Fuelsoft. Fuelsoft are a software development company who have created and maintain our sales and order system. To provide live and up to date informaton, the account login feeds into Fuelsoft sales system and vice versa. This allows you to make payments, check account balances, and view invoices plus much more in real time.

Who We Share Your Data With

To allow for the functionality the website offers, we are required to share limited parts of you data with third party organisations. Some of these have already been mentioned but below is a complete list.

Lithium – This company are our IT Solutions Company. Some of the website content and data is hosted on their severs to allow for the IT systems to be maintained and updated. They hold a very small amount of non-personal customer data which is limited as much as possible and held only for as long as is required. By using our website you agree to Lithium’s privacy policy;

Fuelsoft – As mentioned, our account login feature links in with the software development company Fuelsoft, as the account info from the website feeds into our sales system and vice versa in real time to allow for the functionality. All data stored in Fuelsoft is accessible by Fuelsoft for maintenance and development purposes. By using our account login service you agree to the Fuelsoft privacy policy:

Devonto – Our website is hosted on our web developer, Devonto’s server. All content is accessible by this company for development and maintenance purposes. Devonto is entirely GDPR compliant and our checks ensured that the servers were highly secure. By using our website you agree to Devonto’s privacy policy:

Signable – As mentioned, we use Signable for our credit application form online for an easy and seamless process. By using our credit application form, you agree to Signable storing and processing your data and agree to their privacy policy:

Google Analytics – We use Google analytics to monitor and analyse website usage to best optimise our user experience. Google analytics uses cookies to track your website actions and anonymously collates this data. By using our website you agree to cookies including that of Google Analytics

How Long We Retain Your Data

We will hold your data as long as is necessary. For some HMRC purposes, we need to store all transaction data for up to 6 years, all call recordings are stored for 3 months. All other data is deleted as it becomes no longer necessary.

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

As per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have certain rights over your data as a data subject. The GDPR Policy states these rights as follows:

The right to be informed – As a data subject (the person who the data is held about), you have the right to know what data is held and how we plan to process and store it. This privacy policy is written to support this right but you are welcome to request more details about this by contacting us.

The right of access – This basically means that you have the right to see all the data held about you. We have designed our systems to be data protection orientated so many of them can pull an export on all the data we hold about you. Where we can, we will provide all data that is held about you in a readable format.

The right to rectification – You have the right for any incorrect information held about you to be corrected. We may require evidence if this information is believed to be correct but will correct within a reasonable timescale

The right to erasure – We will happy remove any data that is no longer required. You can request us to remove any data held about you and we will remove where this data is not completely necessary.

The right to restrict processing – You have the right to restrict how your data is processed if you have a particular reason for wanting the restriction. We will meet these requests where the method of processing is not absolutely necessary.

The right to data portability – this is the right for your data to be stored in a format that allows for simple transfer from one controller (the person or group that holds your date) to another. This is not fully relevant for our business type but we do store all data in a standardised format that can be exported and transferred if ever necessary.

The right to object – The most basic right of GDPR is the right to object to your data being held. Unless the data is absolutely necessary for obvious reasons, then you have the right to refuse us holding your data or ever storing your data. If you never want to be contacted or any information held about you, we will need to hold a certain amount of information to know not to contact or store. However, we will meet these regulations as best as we possibly can.

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling – This is a very specific and not so relevant legislation. It means that your data cannot be used to profile you and then automatically make a decision based on that profiling. I.e. a loan application could not be decided by asking a small number of questions, classifying you in a group then basing a decision on this classification. We do not use automated decisions or profiling but will follow these legislations if it ever does apply.

Where We Send Your Data

Your data is never sent directly from us to any third party. Third parties mentioned in the section “Who We Share Your Data With.” No data is accessible by third parties unless it is necessary for the functionality of the website or the business and full checks are done on each third party to ensure all data is kept secure and the companies are GDPR compliant.

Our Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact our head office FAO Graeme Edment (our appointed data protection officer). He is contactable on the following details:

Oilfast Depot
Nethan Street


01698 537 152 and request to speak to Graeme Edment