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Vehicle Telematics from VTS

Our sister company, VTS can provide customised vehicle tracking solutions to suit your specific needs as a business. We can discuss what is important to you and build a bespoke service to suit these requirements.

Although the service is built around your needs, our prices remain amongst the most competitive available with a free full continued support from our experienced staff to train and assist on an ongoing basis.

Benefit 1 – Decreased Workload

Our software eliminates the countless calls to drivers to ask “Where are you?” by showing each vehicles location live on the map. Customer service is improved as delivery queries can be answered instantly without further calls to drivers or return calls to customers.

Decreasing Workload
Driver Information

Benefit 2 – Driver Behaviour

You can monitor a range of driver performance statistics including fuel economy, braking, cornering, speeding and route tracking. By analysing this data, drivers can be praised for strong performance or coached to improve on specific areas. In return, this is likely to lower vehicle maintenance and fuelling costs.

Benefit 3 – Efficient Routing

Routing is an important part of fleet management and is integral to operating efficiency and maximising margins. Our live GPS tracking shows all vehicles on one map, thus allowing you to dispatch the nearest vehicle to a customer or client at short notice. This feature also allows you guide drivers through congestion onto faster routes cutting drive times and expenses.

Efficient Routing